5 Reasons Argan Oil Is The Way To Go This Winter

Cold weather is coming and we all need to prepare our skin and hair against changing temperatures and harsh conditions. Autumn and winter cold can be tough on the skin and that is why it is important to adjust our beauty routine to this new climate.
Thanks to its multifunctional properties, Argan Oil is the way to go during the cold weather for 5 main reasons:
1. Hair Protection
In order to avoid breakage and other damages, try to avoid brushing hair and blow drying it when it is still wet. Dry your hair with a cotton towel and brush it with a wide-tooth comb afterwards. You can put Argan oil on your hair then to nourish your hair and keep the moisture.
2. Moisturize More
The best natural way to moisturize your skin, and banish dry skin during cold days, is by using cosmetic oils on a daily basis and especially right after showering. The oil creates a thin protective layer that keeps more moisture than a cream.
It is important to know which oil is the most appropriate for your face. It is advised to go for non-clogging oils, such as Argan oil, as it does not clog facial pores.
3. Nourish Your Feet
Get rid of dead skin from your feet by exfoliating periodically. Once the calluses removed, you will allow any moisturizer to sink in quickly and deeply.
We recommend using Moroccan Argan Oil every night, especially on the heels. Wear cotton socks afterwards to help with the absorption. The oil is more effective when applied to warm and damp skin.
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4. Chapped lips
Winter winds can be tough on lips too. Remove excess skin and moisturize them at the same time with a gentle exfoliation using organic Argan oil and sugar once a week.
5. Dry and itchy scalp
Massage the scalp with pure Argan oil before showering. It will replenish natural scalp oils and moisturize your hair at the same time.
You can add few drops of tea tree oil to the liquid gold before applying it to your scalp, to treat fungal and bacterial infections.
It is also advised to take cooler and quicker showers to reduce the exposure of your scalp to the drying hot water.




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