Alum Stone Powder Bulk

Alum stone is 100 % natural and contains pure potassium alum mineral salts extracted from a natural quarry, which is in the form of a translucent crystal. It is found naturally in various parts of the world, such as Syria and Morocco. And it is sold as a block or as a powder.
The stone alum has many virtues.
The stone alum is considered an excellent natural deodorant because it limits sweating, prevents fermentation and neutralizes bacteria responsible for bad odors.
And thanks to its astringent properties of the natural stone alum tightens pores and tightens facial skin. “It is ideal to avoid the effects of ingrown hairs, pimples, redness and irritation related to the daily”.
The healing and astringent properties of alum stone make it a real asset for shaving for both men and women. The stone of alum is particularly recommended for people with sensitive skin after hair removal.